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IOP Homozon Mag/Ozone Powder

Price: $55.00
Single can $55
Model Number: OSIOPH

The Original 1929 Homozon oxygenating colon cleanser.

Man, what a feeling of relief!

Manufacturer states loose powder Homozon has been releasing, per can, many actual liters of oxygen along with ozone into the body via the stomach for over 75 years. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Secret formulation, and quite an advanced delivery system. The copycats do not have anywhere as much oxygen release or shelf life.

When mixed with water, Homozon is a light, chalky tasting, white liquid, that releases a large amount of oxygen and ozone immediately in the stomach.

This may be one of the most efficient oxygenators yet. Typical user (not testimonial, individual results vary) report: "The first teaspoon I tried had so much oxygen in it that it made me giggle, and my head swoon. A while later everything old, smelly, and otherwise bad came out of me like flushing a toilet."

Speaking of the bathroom, the manufacturer advises users: "to stay close to the bathroom until you get used to the way it works - as your colon will spend a while dumping stored toxins." For the most convenience without 'accidents,' you can take Homozon at bedtime. That way waste conveniently needs exiting upon arising instead of while in a meeting.

"While on this product, it might feel like you are about to break wind, but old liquidized colon wastes come out instead of gas, so keep near a toilet and it helps to keep a toilet brush handy."

A teaspoon of Homozon is to be followed by 1/2 the juice of a fresh lemon, as the lemon juice fruit acid helps release the ozone from its bond with the powdered dietary grade magnesium.

Naturopaths state that in most cases, no one has enough magnesium, and that the correct ratio in our bodies is around 3 magnesium to 2 calcium, a ratio which most people have backward.

150 grams in original cardboard cylinder. 30 day supply if taking 1 teaspoon per day. You can take more.

Note: In and out of stock
Homozon is a custom blended product! Add to that the fact that Homozon is the best of the best with no equal, that means our customers are buying it so fast that the manufacturer is not always able to instantly keep up with the demand we have created at Oxygen America for this product. So sometimes you have to wait for it to come into stock. We thank you in advance for your patience.

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Dee says...
I would like to know more about how I can obtain this product. I have been reading a lot of good things about this product and others. [Click on any product and quantity on this site and put them in your shopping cart and then check out.]

Gary Horsfield says...
I am interested in trying your Homozone for the bowel and at looking at a machine that can be used to cleanse different infections and purify water, also a machine were you can peroidicaly inhale oxygen for health benefits. I live in Western Australia. and would need a telephone number to contact you on. Thanks Gary. [OxygenAmerica 305-933-4219]

Christopher Griffin says...
Bought Ed's book and DVDs and Oxymune. Interested in others. Can someone call me at 678-851-2066 Thanks