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Ozonated Olive Oil OZOO

Price: $25.00
Model Number: OCAIOO


Aurora Ozonated Olive Oil. Ozone suspended in olive oil.

This product is produced by exposing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with medical grade Ozone, by Pure Oxygen with no preservative or chemical.

Oxygenate any area by 5-10 drops of OZOO rub until is being absorbed. Then watch the result inactivates Viruses, Yeast, Bacteria infection, Fungus, Protozoa, muscle pain, injured and impaired, Burns, inflammation, Viral Infections, and cellulite.

It is bottled as request in 2 oz bottle.

Keep all ozonated oils in icebox.

2 ounce bottle.

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R.T. says...
Simply amazing but smells really funny. I've been using this on my face to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes. Also helps with just about anything that's ailing you. [The clean fresh scent of nature's active oxygen ozone slowly being released into the skin shows the power of this oil.]

p.l. Yarbrough says...
what is the quantity of oil contained in this bottle? [2 ounces.]

Peter Jones says...
i liked your site

BlueJade says...
This stuff is great, but what is the shelf like both before & after opening?

Turgut says...
Shelf life is probably 3 months. However you will use the oil up in 1 or 2 months. It does wonders on skin, which you will notice the next day. If you want a longer lasting oil, you need to make your own by buying a small Ozone generator for about 70 USDollars and ozonating the oil yourself for 2 days and that should last for 1 year. Longer the process more jelly like the oil gets. I hope this helps you all