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O3 vs AIDS 1289

Price: $10.00
Model Number: PBBEPO3VA1289
Ed McCabe's Report: "Ozone Vs AIDS". The book on the abbreviated history and suppression of ozone therapy in the United states.A Chronological study. Applies to ozone used an ALL diseases, not just AIDS. Lots of diseases are refered to, so don't let the title limit you. The historical story starts in 1832 and keeps on going. Startling Evidence! Full of the clinical trials and published results explained by Ed McCabe in layman's terms. The meetings, history, hospitals, & clinics, and the back room national politics suppressing the cures, and painfully obvious institutional malaise. Magazine format. 40 pgs. ABBREVIATED HISTORY OF US MEDICAL OZONE RESEARCH, AND IT'S SUPPRESSION.
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