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Vortex Oxygenator

Price: $599.00
Model Number: VVWO
Vortex & Oxygen Charged Water!

Revitalized water reduces the effect of the endless flood of "low energy", or "negative information," that inundates the body from typical water. It provides the body with a natural resource of positive information, allowing the body to prioritize its health restoration efforts.

UNLIMITED high energy water, for about the cost of one case of certain Therapeutic Energy waters.

The VITALIZER PLUS now super oxygenates, micro clusters, mineralizes (slightly alkaline), and energizes any pure water in MINUTES! Therapeutic high energy water can be obtained in less than an hour.

As simple to use as a blender. Outstanding for healing protocols, high energy water fasts and great tasting drinking water for the whole family. Convenient 9, 18, and 27 minute timer allows you to determine the energy level desired. Great for hydrating organic greens powders and nutritional shakes.

The technology uses stronger magnetics, enhanced natural far infrared emitting ceramic, mineral stones and coral calcium, and a vortexing water tornado" to draw out the natural "LIVING NATURE" of water. When you drink this Vitalized water, you will notice that it does not sit in your stomach. Instant absorption is accomplished through the micro clustering process. This super wetting hexagonal structure carries the oxygen (up to 20% above the natural saturation point for water), energy and ionic minerals deep into the cellular environment in seconds. Kidneys are relieved from processing "unused" water. Only the water that has been utilized by the body need be processed out the kidneys. Obviously, better hydration enhances all body functions.

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Garry says...
How often does this unit reverse the vortexing from clockwise to counterclockwise? [Nature does not reverse cyclones, this does not either.] What is the maximum voltage measured across the throat of the vortex? [Unknown, when you find out, tewll us!]Are the magnets placed below the vortex? [Yes] Has this unit been tested by an independent lab and if so what are the results? [Unknown] As you can see I am a sceptic on equipment but I have also done my research re: vortexing. If this Vortexer works as it should I may have many buyers. [Everyone using them gives positive reports.]

George says...
I'm extremely tempted to purchase this product. Please provide more specifics about this product. [No claims can be made. It spins water on top of minerals in a high speed vortex. Many using them claim good results.]

Charlie says...
I've owned the vortex oxygenator about a year and half now and it was without question worth the investment. I can definitely feel and taste the difference. When I drink it I hydrate quicker and have more energy. When I go without it, there's a definite difference in my energy/hydration levels. The water tastes better too. Hard to describe, but when I drink the vortex water as compared to when I drink my filtered water. The vortex water tastes like it has more life to it. To answer some of the gentlemen's questions. As many times as I watch this cool process take place. I have never saw it reverse from clockwise to counterclockwise. As to voltage? I have no idea. I do know the magnets are below the vortex. I may not know all the science behind this, but sometimes you have to go with what works. And this works!

william hannacher says...
i would like to get abetter quality of water and life

patti shannon says...
I have read testimonies about the vitalizer plus however I am still confused as to whether to buy this or an ozone generator. I seem to be very sensitive to detoxification so with either one, I will have to go slowly, but just wanted to get some feedback from someone who is knowledgeable and unbiased about ozonated water. Thank you for any help. [You will get far more active oxygen in your water by ozonating it with our water ozonator, and the vortex will charge the water with gravitons, which ozone might do in a lesser fashion. Both together are the best of the best, and are highly recommended by Ed McCabe]

Stephen says...
I have used the Vortex Oxygenator for the past four months and I am very satisfied with it. The water tastes like it was taken from a mountain stream. The house plants have turned a darker green color and have generated new growth. We give the water to our rabbit, bird and dog and they have never been more healthy. The water cleanses your body and gives you energy. I would recommend it to anyone who is concerned about drinking the best water possible. It brings R.O. water or distilled water back to life. My kids drink the Vortex water everyday instead of pop, which makes me very happy. Thank you.

Jess Cruz says...
I would like to have you email me more information on the vortes oxygenator. I would like to find out what size clusters are form for one. I am think about buying one of your machines

Janet says...
This machine is very easy to use and I like the way the water tastes. I distil my own water and than bring it back to life using this machine, if my machine broke I would replace it with the same thing. It also doesn't take up much room. I find it easier to drink this water, I have started to not miss pop at all.