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OxySil - Now 4 Oz.

Price: $24.99
2 for $23 3 for $22 4 for $21 5 for $20 6 for $18.00 each (Best buy)
Model Number: OS4OZ


New FOUR Ounce Bottle!

For Beauty and Health

No one else has our amazing natural organic silica! You have to try this blend of OxyLift and Natural Organic Silica. It's NOT from rocks! "Silica is scarce in our foods yet necessary for strong luxuriant hair, nails, and skin. Our bones, arteries, immune system, and connective tissue must have Silica as well, especially as we get older. OxySil® is a special blending of OxyLift® with the subtle energies and Organic Silica that delivers the missing Silica quickly and with high efficiency."

Supplement Facts
4 oz. bottle
Serving Size: 20 drops, 3 times per day
Serving per container: 90

Oxylift Proprietary blend Ingredients
Purified Ionic Ocean Plant Mineral Complex
Purified Water {Subtle Energy Enhanced & Ultra Purified}
Oxygenating Blend { Citric & Gluconic Acids, Rice Vinegar& Hydrogen Sulfate}
Amino Blend { 17 Amino acids]
Enzyme Blend { 4 enzymes}

SPECIAL $24.99 4 ounce dropper bottle.

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