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Price: $36.99
Model Number: MOSF


Liquid Fulvic & Humic Mineral Complex

Guaranteed to be the tiniest most concentrated and deeply absorb-able concentrated plant minerals on the planet. This is what Nature built your body out of. Prehistoric plant matter. All natural and super-rich in over 72 essential minerals and trace elements, including a vast array of naturally occurring Vitamins, Phytochemicals, Biochemicals, Supercharged antioxidants, Free radical scavengers, Superoxide Dismutases, Nutrients, Enzymes, and Amino acids. In our well-researched opinion, no one has enough of ALL the necessary natural full spectrum minerals and the above, because the mega farm soils are all played out.

Today foods are grown in mineral depleted soils, which yield mineral-deficient plants, which when eaten always have to result in mineral deficient bodies. You get enough minerals to live, but not enough to run everything in you perfectly, in our well-researched opinion. Because of the deficiency in the soil, it now takes 75 bowls of spinach to equal the iron that was in one bowl of spinach over fifty years ago. Could you eat 8 loaves of bread? That’s what it would take to get the nutrition from the wheat from years gone by. No wonder people are eating and still nutritionally starving to death at the same time. Could you eat a bathtub of salad to get the few nutrients out of it? Of course not. Now you can understand why the vast majority of Americans are overweight - and yet literally starving to death.

Deliver to your body what the food industry can't! Drink OxyMins down daily and YOU tell US the difference!

Add OxyMins™ to your daily servings of Mr. Oxygen's® OxySulfur™, OxyLift®, & Super OxyFlush® for the complete life you have really always deserved.

If you want the convenience of capsules, please enjoy our OxyEarth®.

Everything your food is supposed to have. Cutting edge natural technology that keeps the plant minerals always in nano-ionic suspension, no clumping or flocculation, just deep absorption! 32 fl. ozs.


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