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"Ultimate-4" OxySpecial Featuring SUPEROxyFlush

Price: $132.00
Model Number: SOP4S


"Ultimate 4"


Super Sulfur


SUPER OxyFlush!

20% Off!
SUPER OxyFlush

Newbies, and old Oxy-hands as well, Start here with Rick's latest Special. We can lower the price because you are buying 4 products at a time. Get every major benefit possible here. Try one each of these best of the best real supplements on Earth - all at the same time, which is how they work best!

Save big! ONLY $136!
Jump on it NOW.
Get back to Nature!

Is it possible to get back to how you started out, clean and pure - full of youthful energy? Remember? Even if you are no longer innocent ;~)? Find out! Are years of accumulations of toxins and mucous the only thing standing between you and your hidden youthful energy!

Finally, we can supply THE 1 starter package covering all of our best at once, that in our expert opinion, EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the planet needs DAILY.

The complete pride of Mr. Oxygen's Crown Jewels of Health stable - and all in one place... Ultimate 4!

If you need to ensure the body always gets what it wants, and you only want to take one simple set of the MOST basic and fully complete top quality ingredients daily for the rest of your life - these Oxy-bad boys are it!

If everyone took just these 4 daily, we would live in a very different, more peaceful, and less stressed world, in our humble and well researched and very experienced and advanced opinion.
Start the Oxy-Revolution with yourself first. Our discount and quantity pricing is exceptional for these Ultimate 4!

Ask Rick about helping you really get serious by adding Oxy-Veg, the world's ABSOLUTE BEST LIVING enzyme full-blend probiotic, fast taking over from all the "lac" products out there, simply due to results! OxyVeg exceeds commercially grown and juiced vegetables in potency, AND types, AND amounts of natural REAL vibrant LIVING enzymes - by far! See:
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And, since you are here right now, why not get even MORE serious and FULLY committed to your health by adding in our OxyEarth, the best molecular sized full spectrum plant softened minerals on the planet! Again, as judged purely by results! See:
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Try, try, try to imagine your new life after taking all six of our best top selling products daily for a year; these "Ultimate 4" plus then add in OxyVeg probiotic enzymes, plus OxyMins the tiniest most powerful full spectrum liquid minerals!

Friend, Your new natural life silently awaits you........

Also PERFECT for storage/survival/dieting use. Here is just about EVERYTHING your food is trying to give you but can't because it's processed and grown on empty soils.

Here's the Mr. Oxygen "maximum deficiency buster" schedule for the Ultimate 4 group:

You want to mostly separate these supplements during the day while spreading them out over the day so they all have maximum effectiveness.

Suggested Servings:

Wake up
Evacuate last night's SUPER OxyFlush.
Take this morning's SUPER OxyFlush.
Eat OxySulfur & Chase taste with Lime or Cranberry Juice.

Eat Breakfast.
Go to work, take OxyLift and OxyEarth with you.
When you arrive at work: Take 1st OxyLift Take 1st OxyEarth

Eat Lunch
Take 2nd OxyEarth during noon meal. Take 2nd OxyLift after noon meal.

Arrive home
Eat Supper Take 3rd OxyEarth during meal.
Take 3rd OxyLift after meal.

12 hours after you first took OxySulfur take second serving and Chase taste with Lime or Cranberry Juice again.

At bedtime take evening SUPER OxyFlush.

When you become used to this schedule and initial detoxing subsides (probably after three weeks), you can start also taking SUPER OxyFlush at lunch. Plan that you will probably have to evacuate your colon 20 minutes after eating when taking higher levels of SUPER OxyFlush. Always drink lots of pure springwater.

Simple. Comprehensive. Complete. Fits right into your active lifestyle.

Follow all label directions.
Do these 4 like this for a solid month minimum and you will REALLY understand what all the excitement we have been told about for over 20 years is all about! You also might notice your artificial "energy" drink use is WAY down!

(Price is without shipping.)

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Mike says...
Hey Ed, Added the Udo's Oil blend 3,6,9 to the 4 pack with oxy sulfur and it really seems to amplify the effects. Great stuff. I had like SOOOO much energy yesterday. been on this now for about 3 months daily and I think something is slowly getting moved out of my body. I have had a twitch in my left temple and calves twitching that seem to be still twitching a little but it seems to go away when i shoot up with the oxy products and am hoping in time will melt away. This is pretty freaky how much energy this stuff can give you, i have to adjust to the feeling of having this much energy all the time .