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Zana™ Digestive Support Bio Juice

Price: $129.99
Model Number: MOOVZ
                Mr. Oxygen's Good Friend Tomco's

ZANA Bio Juice

"Because the real intestinal flora can't grow on the processed adulterated foods we eat!"

This - right in your face - fact asks you; Then how can you really digest properly, since it is our intestinal flora that do the digesting for us?
Especially Since Our Digestion is 70% of Your Immune System!

You don't digest your food, the friendly bacteria flora living inside you do.

Delicious Zana Bio Juice contains the well oxygenated organic vegetable juices of green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, onions, scallions, parsley, cilantro, garlic, ginger, jalapeno pepper, filtered pure water and the following highly beneficial intestinal food digesting bacteria; L Rhamnosus, L Acidophilus, L Plantarum, L Salvarius, & S Thermophilus. And the most important and best part is, they are totally full vibrancy ALIVE! Like they are originally supposed to be! Forget store yogurt, etc. All dead or mutated, from being raised on substandard empty-of-minerals growth media. Once people get this in them they clamor for more!

The The only available completely energized LIVING beneficial pro-biotic used and preferred by health care professionals because of the number and strength of high order living probiotics!

"It's Alive!
& Goooood Eating too!

ZANA juice is a synergistic LIVING pro-biotic formula offering five of the most stable strains of friendly flora. For many months before you get our ZANA Bio-Juice, these specially raised digestive life forms were being lovingly nurtured, fed special mineral rock dust, and rich soils, and then delivered to you fresh, in special packaging that keeps them alive and viable, and totally compatible with your digestive system.  For optimal effectiveness, refrigerate and use before expiration date.

Suggested Daily Usage: Take three ounces once or twice daily.  64 Fluid Oz.
Plus shipping. 1 gallon of liquid heavy item and totally worth it, because most food only has 3-6 minerals in it. The soils are empty, and the Life is gone, so our food is killing us slowly! We eat it but everyone is malnourished. This is the only real deal. TRY IT! $129.99 (plus shipping approx $20 in US. Call 305-933-4219)

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