“At Last! Ed McCabe Reveals The Shocking Simple Truth about Most Disease - in his NEW 4 DVD Set: Flood Your Body with Oxygen! And it’s FREE*

Doctors  Are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!   But wait! Don’t get angry with them.  Unlike their European counterparts, they’ve never been taught this powerful, scientific, truth in our U.S. medical schools.


This information is startling; it’s revealing, and often so shocking that I’ve had entire audiences spellbound when I told them what it can do for them, their families, pets, crops, and environment…

Dear Friend & Truth Seeker,

You need to throw away all preconceptions…

I have a story to tell you that’s unlike any other. Why should it be of interest to you? Actually, there are three reasons, all of them equally important. The first is the reality of how toxic we have all become. Just look at your own or anyone else’s blood color for perfect proof!

Black and Medium clarity red blood in bags Chances are, you’re the one on the right!

Secondly, there is a way to help clean up the toxic pollution that’s accumulated in our bodies, plants, soil, water, crops, and air. It’s so advanced - yet so obvious – and yet so proven and safe - that our U.S. doctors are quietly ridiculed by their international peers because they do not put active oxygen therapies into practice. I want to get the hidden information out to help alleviate human and environmental distress.

Thirdly, I’m not in it for the money. That’s important for me to tell you this right up front. I’ve literally spent the past 20 years of my life helping people at great cost to myself. I have a reputation for this.

3 bottle DVD offer photo.jpgJPG of Flood video 4 DVD Frt CoverThe DVD's greatly expands the book Flood Your Body with Oxygen and reveals genuine medical truths that have been hiding under a competitive rock in the United States. It provides definitive answers without all the fluff.

What I’m teaching you about is Active Oxygen Therapies, as well as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pathogens, and how to address these issues in a way you have never thought of before. It’s based on good, solid, proven, safe, science and evidence.  It’s explained in laymen’s terms so you understand it, so you easily get the points.

But don’t take my word for it; get the FREE DVD and look at the evidence, its different to anything else you have ever seen. Try it for yourself, and then be the judge. It’s for men and women that want to better their minds, their health, and their environment.  Be honest enough to give it a fair hearing. You have nothing to risk. My 4 DVD set is free. To give you added confidence read what Jeff Rense has to say about me and my work.


Ed McCabe is a simply amazing.  He possesses more knowledge about oxygen and its relationship to good health than perhaps anyone on the planet.

“Breathing and oxygenating the body properly are the oldest 'therapies' of all and Ed, like a torch in the night, brings that reality home in his sensational book and now his new DVD,  packed with hard science, rock solid medical data - and a sparkling personality - that leave my listeners - and readers - invariably amazed...and far wiser.  Mr. Oxygen is a true national health treasure.” – Jeff Rense Host/Producer the Jeff Rense Program


Am I Really Qualified To Point You in the Right Direction?


What qualifies me to speak on the Jeff Rense show and website? Good question.

For 20 years I’ve completely dedicated my career to researching and interviewing people about Active Oxygen Therapies. I specialize in this subject. It encompasses more than just oxygen. It involves the use of naturopathic and medical ozone, medical hydrogen peroxide, hyperbarics, minerals, water, technologies, and much more for people’s health and their environment.

As a result it’s earned me the respect of my peers; one of Russia’s most notable scientists Lily Silbendia; one of Russia’s top professors Dr. Sergey Peretyagin, many Russian doctors; notable German, European, and Cuban experts; many highly-respected international doctors, bio-chemists, and health experts. It’s earned me the trademarked name Mr. Oxygen®.

It’s granted me awards, medical and media coverage, and world-renowned expertise and respect.

I’ve also trained and advised many US, and Australian, and other doctors and naturopaths, and a top Mexican surgeon and advised him on the use of ozone during a critical operation.

Mona Harrison MD, former assistant Dean, Boston University School of Medicine said of my work: “Take note. The interest this book will unleash is noteworthy. Both lay and professional persons- who secretly will not admit their ignorance in this emerging field of study - will use it as a guide.”

But let me stop you right here…  

I’m not here to brag.  I’ve got no time for it.  I’m merely reporting my credentials so you have confidence in my expertise; confidence that you are getting the correct information from an authority on the subject; that you are not being misled.

I could also cite many well respected MD’s in this country who secretly studied my work but they’re too shy to speak out as a minority specialty. I respect their right to keep silent. Why?

None of this has been easy. When I brought the public awareness of ‘Active Oxygen’ to the U.S. public it was like unleashing the gates of heaven.   (My fully comprehensive 640 paged book “Flood Your Body with Oxygen,” outlines more). Click here for a full list of chapters.

Because this simple, proven, safe, and true information taught to doctors all over the rest of the world was not readily available in the U.S, because of deliberate suppression, I travelled around the world interviewing medical doctors who were using various active oxygen therapies, clinic and hospital personnel, and specialists and patients of every sort.

I interviewed farmers that had solved problems with their livestock and crops, inspectors that could not believe how healthy their livestock were, vets that helped pets efficiently, and literally thousands of ordinary folk who were keen to sit down and tell me their story about the state of their health and how they had made themselves well.  Those people were keen to give me facts, the research, clinical studies, the testimonies, data of every sort. Everybody wanted to help you!

I tested all these things for myself. I did not just accept their word for it.  What I witnessed was incredible but unnerving. Why weren’t our U.S. doctors taking advantage of the therapies?  Why weren’t they in the media?

And it’s not just for doctors.

Chilis love ozone Rolling stone smallerRock Stars use it to make up for the tremendous wholesale energy output during massive arena Rock Concerts!

One thing is for sure:   

The Same Irrefutable Truth Kept Staring me in the Face!

Right under my nose was a solution that really could attack toxins. It’s so simple it befuddles the mind.  What’s amazing about it is, this truth wasn’t just for human health.  Those international persons that used and applied Active Oxygen supplements and techniques - revealed in the Book and DVD – reported finding big improvements with pets, food, and plants. Crops production was better, farmers were reporting getting rid of their chronic and typical livestock problems, growers were eliminating crop and seedling destruction, and home and environment issues were being inexpensively and profitably addressed.

I could not believe that our doctors were missing out on such significant therapies. I had to make the public aware of it.

I began speaking about the therapies in small groups, then public platforms. I was nervous to be publicly speaking for the first time to a large audience.  How could one person go up against the huge malaise of incorrect public perception and local scientific opinion? But, there’s nothing like a good response to help a man get over his anxieties.

Ordinary folk liked what I had to say. They were smart enough to see the sense in this one profound truth: In my fully investigated opinion, after over 20+ years of research, most bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other anaerobic microbes simply cannot live long in active oxygen, because they are anaerobes!  It spread like wild fire. 

I was inundated with requests to speak. Before long I had toured the US, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico, and brought this out on over 1,500 lecture platforms, radio, and TV shows. (You will see fair use clips of me on some of the TV shows in my 4 set DVD as proof.)

Well, it all created quite a world stir.

This led to my first book “Oxygen Therapies, a New Way of Approaching Disease” becoming an international best seller for 12 years. What makes it so significant? Without a major publisher, it became a best seller by word of mouth alone. Like my latest book, that book had legs.

I then decided to take this knowledge to the medical community. I didn’t get the “A new way to help people? Great!” reaction I was expecting… some doctors got mad about it…  And those that were open-minded enough to reason on it and try the therapies were abused, ridiculed, and persecuted simply because they were in a minority, and because it threatened the research grant and drug system trough.


Some Doctors Were Thrown into Jail.


Let me tell you about a terrible, terrible incident…  

A dear old doctor put the Active Oxygen Therapies into practice with his patients. He got excellent results.  He had such a huge success I reported on it at the NIH, National Institutes of Health, and the local doctors got jealous.

Before he knew it, a SWAT team arrives at his office, the doors were kicked open, his staff of old ladies were threatened and held up against the walls with guns, and the place shut down in the middle of patients being treated. How do I know this?

I swore under oath in court as I testified on this doctor’s behalf. (His identity remains anonymous to protect him.) Armed with all the scientific literature and evidence I presented my testimony on how effective Active Oxygen Therapies are, and how extensively they are used in Europe. How European doctors swear by them for treating their patients. How doctors and ordinary folks reported to me that they were using them.

It didn’t matter a jot… There was no mercy for an MD that had done so much good for people.

That doctor was thrown in jail for 5 years for getting people well.  He lost everything. He’s now sitting in a wheelchair in a nursing home.  

But it gets worse…

 Another outstanding pioneer in the field Dr. Robert Mayer (deceased) was using medical ozone to treat children in Miami Children’s Hospital. The children were thriving on it for many conditions, and he reported, for example, treating spinal meningitis! Wouldn’t you be pleased to see kids easily soon get well and go home, so they could be reunited with their families?

The hospital wasn’t. Even though they had the evidence of his years of safety and success right in front of their very eyes, they demanded that Dr. Mayer stop using Active Oxygen Therapy on his rounds. Why was this obviously successful treatment so viciously opposed? “Doc, it’s because no one else is doing it around here.”

Our doctors have NEVER been taught this one absolutely, scientific truth in medical school. But the fact of the matter is they cannot dispute that:


Most Disease Microbes CANNOT Live In Active Oxygen.”


That statement, my friend, is an absolute scientific fact! Now think on the following carefully…

Anaerobic disease microbes cannot live long in active oxygen… Because they are almost all anaerobes, the definition that means “can’t live in oxygen!” Anaerobic microorganisms are the majority of the causative factors for all human and animal illness, and they cannot live in the oxygen that our bodies love! And, waterborne anaerobes - which are the major cause of disease in the world today - can be completely eliminated easily and inexpensively by putting special forms of active oxygen in the water!

Now let me ask you a serious question? Which of the following diseases do you think can be positively influenced if ‘Most diseases can’t live in Active Oxygen?’

 “Abscesses, acne, AIDS… allergies, anal fissures, cerebral sclerosis, circulatory disturbances, cirrhosis of the liver, menopause, constipation, cystitis, bed sores, dermatology, fistulae, funguses, verniculosis, gangrene, hepatitis, herpes, high cholesterol, colitis, neurology, dental medicine, tumors, Reynaud’s disease, scars, inflammation of the vertebras, vascular surgery, and wound healing. It also works in gastroenterology, gerontology, proctology, gynecology, and radiology, and has anti-viral effects.”– International doctors meeting in Washington, DC reported this in their publications, and it’s in the German MD textbook, The Use of Ozone in Medicine.

By the way, did I miss your disease in that list? It can still be related to our subject.

Think about it. If doctors say most diseases can’t live in Active Oxygen… what does that mean for YOUR arthritis, or YOUR skin problems, YOUR migraines, YOUR colon problems, viruses and other illnesses that cause such misery? What does that mean for YOUR pets, crops, livestock and water?

Would it mean that if we all took or added an active form of oxygen in some way that we’d all have a better than average chance of a better life? Could it be that we need to wake up because:




Let’s take cancer for example. I don’t need to remind you that cancer costs millions of lives. Read this little gem…

 “Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancer. This fact has been documented for over a decade yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.” – Helen Levin, M.D. University of California said in the book The Healing of Cancer.

Okay, now contrast that statement with the statement from one of the leading authorities and experts on medical ozone - just like thousands of his European MD counterparts - one of the few doctors that understands that most diseases can’t live in active oxygen. He said:

“OZONE INHIBITS CANCER CELLS.” ­– Dr. Frank Shallenberger

It’s a simple enough statement. But this widely respected doctor has more to say on the subject. He reports that he treats his patients with ozone for many health disorders, that medical ozone has 13 positive physiological effects. (The DVD set lists these positive effects.)

And what about the Cuban doctors who routinely successfully treat patients for diabetic ulcers, sickle cell anemia, and many other diseases we are told there is no cure for. They’ve done it for year’s folks, and the tiny Cuban island off our shore is way ahead of us on this one. Or the Russians, who have 40 state medical institutes, universities, clinics and academies that teach ozone to doctors. But you might be thinking ‘Isn’t ozone dangerous, I hear bad stuff about ozone in the news?” NO! This has NOTHING to do with air pollution.

The Published Side Effect Rate of 384,775 People That Had Ozone Treatments Was .000005! And those few mishaps were operator error.

WOW! That is an amazing fact. Even the miniscule side effects were put down to operator error. Are you getting the picture folks? When administered correctly, ozone is perfectly safe, and internationally recognized as wholly effective across a wide range.

Let’s look at another very serious worldwide problem, the problem of HIV…

In my investigations I approached men and women who HAD HIV. There was a group of men in Los Angeles, for example, who were sharing an active oxygen medical machine to help treat their symptoms. They told me that they were getting significant results. Other HIV patients told me they were completely free of the disease after sufficient effort.

Gone were the fevers, the night sweats, the swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, pain, night sweats, and severe weight loss. Back at work. But, wait a minute, the news says, “There is no cure?”



  HIV Patients Were Negative - And They Had The Tests To Prove it.


In 1992 I went to the National Health Institutes Building 31, wing 7A, and room 24 with two medical doctors, and two sero-converted  HIV patients, and a US Senator. I was armed with medical records, clinical trials, and studies to present to the NIH. All in all there were about 30 people present including Dr. Anthony Fauci, our country’s AIDS czar at the time.

The doctors with me verified that the men we brought had turned from HIV positive to HIV negative and had returned to their normal lives.

Now wouldn’t you think that, the NIH might have at least been a little interested, ask more questions, ask for another appointment, thank us for coming? You will read the outcome in the book version of “Flood Your Body with Oxygen.” But what about one open-minded informed doctor who reported:

“Ozone stopped the HIV virus from multiplying and left all cells undamaged.” – Kenneth Wagner, M.D. Bethesda Naval Hospital

Can you now see why I’m so enthusiastic about my career, why I and so many friends want others to know as much as possible about it?  I will tell you one more time, “Most diseases can’t live in active oxygen.”

aakaash cherry blood vs dark blood w caption


Why You Need My FREE 4 DVD Set ‘Flood Your Body with Oxygen!

The whole reason for using the oxygen therapies are to slowly and properly oxygenate the body until the bacteria, microbes, and toxins are used up, and washed out of the body. Then a well-oxygenated inner body environment is sustained in your body and cells.  In this crazy, polluted world of ours, all of us need to know how to keep our inner terrain oxygenated, mineralized, and free of toxins as much as possible. Two of the most significant things you will learn in the DVD’s are:

What the Ultimate Cause of All Disease Is

What Most Diseases Are and Why They Cannot Live In Oxygen

That will set up the background for you and how we truly can oxygenate our bodies. The 4 DVD set also goes into topics like the lack of oxygen is our biggest problem on our planet. . . How pollution and toxicity is robbing our bodies and planet. . . The leading cause of death. . . What the Oxygen Therapies are really all about. . . And much, much more. . .   Now, here’s something else that is quite remarkable. I discovered it in my early days of oxygen education:


Why You Absolutely Need to Know about Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is simply water with active singlet oxygen attached to it. That makes it an oxidizer of microbes and toxins when the active singlet oxygen breaks off of it and turns back into water. Talk about natural! Every cell in your body is trying to manufacture your own peroxide on a regular basis. In the DVD’s you will find out:

-         How oxygen is used for crops

-         The 3 principle peroxide delivery systems for human use

-         What happens when you use it for  plants

-         Why pets, laundry, and plants thrive on peroxide

-         How one devoted nun uses peroxide with destitute AIDS patients

Peroxide is used for a detoxifying bath, mouthwash. . . showers. . . smelly feet. . . as a deodorant. . . for beauty. . . and much, much more. (The book goes into depth.) Click here to see the chapters. And 67 sub-headings on peroxide.

I will say it once more. It’s been reported to me over and over again that hydrogen peroxide cleaned up livestock, plants, crops, pets, and health issues. I never fail to be fascinated with the things peroxide can do. And it’s only ONE of the active oxygen therapies! The Book and DVD show all known ways of oxygenating.


Don’t Listen To The Lies – Thousands of Doctors Using It Daily  

Prove Medical Ozone Is Safe!


I’m passionate about medical and home ozone use. I guess it’s because I’ve had so much experience with it and seen the good that it’s’ done.

Ozone is one of the most beneficial substances on this planet. I don’t care what disinformative news item you read, about how bad it is for us all, they’ve got it wrong. Many times on purpose, to scare you away. I’m going to keep laboring the point ‘most microbes can’t live in active oxygen,’ so read what ozone can do for all of us.

In my DVD’s and book you will see that ozone is capable of some pretty significant things like:

Ozone cleans up smoke

Ozone is effective with black mold

The lie that ozone is toxic

How Ozone is being used in dozens of known commercial businesses

How animals benefit with ozone (one man reported fleas left his dog!)

The various ways international doctors have used ozone medically for over 50 years

The 4 major medical ozone delivery systems

Ozonated water and how to make it

How to get rid of bad smells

Clinical studies on ozone (There are thousands of them)

How ozone cleans arteries and veins

How doctors and scientists say it is effective against yeast, bacteria, and protozoa

How safe ozone is when used correctly

Find out why ozone is one of the most effective sanitizers and deodorizers

Why ozone is used in water processing plants and commercial aquariums


And much, much, more…


My DVD set will explain the effectiveness of ozone  in the home. . . in commerce. . . the major medical ozone delivery systems. . . the various ozone equipment. . . ozone in daily life. . .  ozone in dentistry. . .   how ozone affects dozens of specific diseases…... You Will Also Discover NEW oxygenating supplements, products, and equipment from various manufacturers in the oxygen field!

And here’s another outstanding fact. The therapies are not limited to human health. The therapies are far reaching as I outline in my DVDs.


YES! Livestock, Pets, and Crops Benefit Too!


When I told crop growers and farmers about the Oxygen Therapies and the benefits of using an oxygen therapy they were open minded. On my lecture tour in New Zealand I saw barns full of chickens that were no longer getting diseases by using one of the oxygen solutions.

-         I interviewed farmers, who showed me their livestock, their horses, their pigs, sheep, goats, and other animals that were no longer sick.

-         A woman who had an ostrich farm wrote to me and said all her Ostriches were sick and thin and their feathers were falling out.  She said balls of worms fell out of the animals after she gave them a simple, cheap peroxide solution, that their feathers were thick and glossy again.

-         I heard of state agricultural inspectors who looked at the organs in animals who were given peroxide and said “I haven’t seen organs that clean in 30 years.”

-         A tomato grower had restaurant owners fighting over his produce… he’d been spraying his crops with clean water and food grade peroxide. He said “The bees loved it, the bugs and caterpillars hated it. My tomatoes are the best in the state, and it’s so darned simple.”

Now, here’s something else for you to consider, perhaps it will explain why I’m so passionate about the oxygen therapies. Oxygen has had over 100 years of success with people, animals, and plants.

So, let’s think this through. If different forms of active oxygen have been used internationally and successfully for over 100 years on people, animal, and plants, why should it be any different for us in the United States? We’re not a sub-human species…


What A Health Food Store Manager Told Me!

There are always interesting developments in the field of oxygen. I’d like to share this interesting experience.

When I was doing lectures and interviews in New Zealand and Australia I ran across people who were squeezing drops of colorless liquid into a glass of water and drinking it.  Farmers were feeding it to their chickens and everyone spoke well of this liquid product.

I was curious so I tried it. The stuff tasted positively awful. It was a matter of getting it down as fast as you could. But, I never failed to notice how popular it was. I made a mental note of it.

Many years later I was lecturing and doing a radio show in California when I discovered a new technology in the world of health.  Gadgets and such have always fascinated me; so when subtle energy frequencies were introduced to me something clicked.

At this point in time a huge active oxygen grassroots organization had grown up following my teachings, and people were applying all known ways to oxygenate the body.  At the same time health food stores were crammed with all sorts of supplements, but most of them seemed to have missed the point. This was emphasized by a health food store manager who made a very revealing comment when she said “I’ve been in this business a very long time and I would say that eight-five percent of the supplements in this store are worthless, only fifteen percent have any real value.”  I’d like to add that this was an unsolicited comment.

And why are most of the supplements of no real value? Could it be that they don’t address the first real issue necessary, of curing the oxygen and mineral deficiencies in the body first?

It was thrilling for me to see how Active Oxygen was taking off, but not everyone wanted to go to clinics, or buy equipment. During my lectures many people would ask what was available for them to take on a daily basis that was convenient. And so I came up with several correct formulas that Oxygen America now manufactures and distributes for the masses. Finally, supplements strictly incorporating my teachings exist for you. No more half measures for the sake of commercialism. I feel confident that you will like them. The main supplement for the general masses is part of Oxygen America’s special FREE DVD offer.


World’s 1st Subtle Energy

Oxygen and Mineral Supplement!


Don’t you think that television is a remarkable invention?

At the flick of a switch you can be transported into another time or place. You can have travel, sports, fashion, and entertainment channels at your fingertips. It’s also a good companion. That’s only possible because the TV’s electronic system receives and decodes electromagnetic signals from a transmitter, which then converts them into pictures on your screen.

OxyLift® is designed to work on a similar principle. Let me tell you a little about the technology which has been infused into OxyLift.

First of all, the technology consists of a tunable, plasma based generator. That may not mean much to most people, but for simplification purposes, the generator is wired to do three things. It’s able to formulate specific Subtle Energy patterns; it has a storage system, and an infusing system.

This energetic system functions as the receiver, distributor and decoder.

In the way that television gives you information in the form of moving pictures on a screen, Physicists say OxyLift is partly informational “software” for bodily processes.  What does that mean?

When the charged minerals in OxyLift are infused, and you put drops of it in whatever you are drinking, the body receives raw mineral nutrients and all the atom level energy information in the drops.  The body now has many of the physical and energetic raw materials it needs.


You’ve Never Seen a Supplement so Good

You’ve Never Tried one so Different!


If you remember the pre-digital days of the old Marconi radios you will recall that when you wanted to tune into a certain station, you had to turn a big round knob to get the correct frequency. You had to edge the knob around s-l-o-w-l-y and there would be all sorts of crackling and whistling noises until you hit the exact spot and tuned into the broadcast. Then you could put your feet up and listen to the music.

This analogy will help you understand that the liquid supplement OxyLift had been finely tuned and subtle energy charged with the oxygen frequencies by European physicists.

You see, we have a chronic lack of oxygen on our planet, that’s nothing new. And most of us don’t breathe right. We breathe in such a shallow way that we do not get the full amount of oxygen that we should.

OxyLift has been formulated in a proprietary way - with the intent to re-supply missing and needed raw materials that organisms commonly lack. Living things can use these nutrients to naturally boost their own oxygenation efforts. We do not claim it will do this, we can’t - by law. But the supplied nutrients are Nature in action. OxyLift is a supplement that’s been designed for EVERYBODY. The masses, people, and their pets, and livestock. You can even put it in your plants. It’s odorless, and has zero calories.  

This Section Is Important To You!

It’s good to be an informed consumer. Don’t just take my word for it. Do what I did in the early days of my investigations, check things out and try them for yourself. The point here is to TRY THEM for yourself. And by giving a 40% onetime discount on OxyLift, and adding a FREE $49.99 DVD set, Oxygen America is making it real easy for you to do so.

Let me go into details as to what OxyLift has to offer you.

OxyLift in Daily Life

From the minute we get up in the morning until we lay our weary heads on the pillow, our lives are crammed full of activities. We are rushing to get to work on time, hurrying for some fast food, figuring out how to solve worrying problems. All of this takes up a tremendous amount of energy.

The stress is slowing down our digestion and elimination, toxins are being stored in us, it’s causing us to breathe less efficiently and our nerves to fire rapidly. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a teenager, senior, athlete, or housewife, each and every day, our bodily system is under assault by among other things, additives, food processing, missing nutrients, and pollution. Our reserves get depleted quickly.

OxyLift has been designed with this in mind. It contains the frequencies and nutrients that most help the onslaughts of daily life and body depletions. Let me show where it can benefit you the most.


The Single, Most Common Complaint from All People

And All Age Groups Is: A Lack Of Energy!


Now I wonder why that is. Why is it that nearly everyone complains of a lack of energy? It’s because oxygen and energy go hand-in-hand. If you don’t believe me, hold your breath and see how quickly you tire out and have to gasp for air! Breath and oxygen are number one!

What is the point I am laboring again? If I took away your vitamins, your essential oils, herbs, pills, potions, and lotions, dang, even your mate, or your wallet, or children, none of them will cause you to react in the explosive way that an absence of oxygen does when you are gasping for air. That is the priority this subject should have for you right now.  And that’s why I named this supplement “OxyLift.” It is designed to help your body lift its deficiencies in an oxygen and natural mineral depleted environment.

Show me how to use OxyLift!

Have you ever noticed the increasing popularity of oxygenated waters? Water is a good carrier of oxygen.  Using OxyLift is simplicity itself. Whether you are at the gym, at home, at your workplace, or dining out, all of us use water or drink something on a daily basis. It’s absolutely essential that we replace the body’s water each day without fail.

What does OxyLift Supply?

The one ounce bottle of OxyLift will supply you with 588 drops of subtle energy energized minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and nano-ionic properties to put in your daily water. That’s enough to supply 1 person for a month. Just squeeze 7 drops of OxyLift into a small glass of water and repeat 3 times per day. It comes in an easy to carry bottle that slips into your pocket or purse. You’ll like its zip, enjoy its taste, and value its benefits.

What do people use OxyLift for?

Everyone reacts differently, so we can’t make claims or guarantee any specific result, and we really don’t intend to. But to help you learn, I will tell you what I have had people report to me personally. They said that they choose to use OxyLift to see what the body will do about its’ elimination… to see what the body will do about its’ energy . . . they use it to see what the body will do about its’ digestion. . . they use  it to see what the body will do about helping its own eliminations. . .  they also use OxyLift to see what the body will do about its’ own mental clarity. . .  they also use OxyLift to see what the body will do about improving its oxygenation, to see if there is a better sense of well being, and if it makes a difference during extended periods of physical exertion. And much, much more. . . Put it to the test yourself, and give me your input. If my formulation is not to your satisfaction, there is Oxygen America’s a no-quibbles 60 day money back guarantee. No hard feelings.

The superior formulation has brought years of praise from users everywhere. The proof is all the people buying it over, and over, and over. It’s the best and only reliable one of a kind supplement on the market.


Be Smart! Don’t Forget To Check the Label


How to read and interpret our label:

We know our product from beginning to end. Our guarantee of purity means something because it’s based on the first hand knowledge of our product and the conditions in which it is made. From the time we pick the ingredients to the time it leaves the laboratory in bottles, we control every detail of the making.

Bear this in mind as I walk you through the label on the bottle of OxyLift so you understand it and feel comfortable with your purchase.

Mr. Oxygen: This is the name which for 20 years has stood for leadership and quality in the oxygen supplement industry. It contains only those ingredients recognized and endorsed by Ed McCabe.

OxyLift: This is the brand name of this particular quality of supplement. Each bottle is identified and guaranteed by my signature, “Mr. Oxygen.”

All Natural: This means the ingredients we pick are of the finest, most natural, and highest quality available.

Nano-ionic: The special delivery system which enables the ingredients to be absorbed quickly due to miniaturization.

Ocean plant minerals: This is one of the most important points on the label. It means only the finest ocean plant minerals are used from the purest oceans away from civilization.

Subtle Energies: This means that OxyLift is rendered with superior energy physics technology.  When you consider the quality you are getting, that this is the very cream of supplements, you will understand why it is worthwhile to take.

Purified water: Our ingredient pure water is deeply filtered and blanked, and re-built with atomic coherence before use.

Enzymes: Your body can’t digest properly without quality enzymes.

Amino Acids: Your body cannot repair without quality pre-cursors to proteins.


Yes! OxyLift Has A Keep Fresh Stable Shelf Life for at

Least 2 Years, If You Can Keep It in Stock That Long!


OxyLift’s purity is not affected by weather. No need to keep in a cool place. It will keep without refrigeration, in any climate or season. It’s not affected by travel. It keeps its freshness for 2 years. It can be used in any season. It’s safe, efficient, and economical. It’s best taken on an empty stomach with pure water.  OxyLift is the perfect companion for any water or drink, and is of good value. It contains no harmful additives, colors, chemicals.


Leading Authorities Recommend OxyLift.

The University of Sienna in Italy has positively demonstrated it is a free radical scavenger.


Guard Against Imitations

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Ed McCabe

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How To Take Advantage Of the Oxygen America FREE Oxygen Therapies 4 DVD Set Offer To Help You, Your Friends, Family, Pets, and Environment, Once And For All.