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Oxygen America's purpose for existence is to allow you easy access to oxygen, mineral, water, and environmental related products.

Oxygen America showcases only the best of the best available products. This saves you endless searches, questions, letters, and phonecalls.

Oxygen America makes it much easier for you to shop repeatedly and for a wide range of products. You only have to fill out one set of forms one time in just one place and then easily shop forever, as long as you keep your card up to date.

Consider Oxygen America your one stop shopping center for all oxy and mineral and energy products, supplements, and devices.

Oxygen America allows you immediate sign-up access to Ed McCabe's Mr. Oxygen® mailing list.

Oxygen America, Inc.(305-933-4219) is an Internet marketing and sales organization ONLY.

OxyLift International, Inc. is the approved exclusive manufacturer of Ed McCabe's Mr. Oxygen product line.

Oxygen America does not manufacture anything.

If you order different products from different manufacturers through Oxygen America, you may have different charges on your account for each manufacturer's products.

Depending upon what you order, each individual manufacturer charges your account and processes your financial transaction only for their own product, separate from all other manufacturer's products. This means you may see multiple charges showing up on your account statement when you place one order, and none of them may say "Oxygen America". Be very careful not to cancel payment for products you forgot you ordered because you do not readily recognize the manufacturer name that shows up on your credit card statement.

Any express or implied warranties, guarantees, and customer service are solely the responsibility of, and handled solely by, each manufacturer of each product, and for their product only.

All questions concerning product shipping, taxes, card charges, product quality, returns, and any other issues, including manufacturers' warranties, are to be resolved directly with each manufacturer of the specific product you purchased. 

Each manufacturer of each product purchased has their own email and phone contact number listed on your order confirmation.

To be included on the Oxygen America website, each manufacturer has pledged that they will maintain high quality customer service standards.

Any questions, please call, (305-933-4219).

Thanks, the folks at Oxygen America.