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Energy Loss & Illness The causes of our not having youthful energy, as well as the causes of most of our illnesses, can ultimately be traced back to a lack of cleanliness, oxygen, and minerals. Unless we continually take in plenty of oxygen and minerals on a daily basis, none of our normal body maintenance, repair, or immune processes will function correctly. For example, without enough minerals, vitamins won’t work, and without enough oxygen we can’t eliminate. But, through daily supplementation with OxyMune™ drops in our cool liquids, we help our bodies replace the depleted oxygen and minerals. Unlike single objective supplements, OxyMune™ provides a broad spectrum of basic, missing, vital ingredients to help our bodies easily and naturally recharge our energy reservoirs, digest our food properly, rebuild our immune systems, repair our tissues, overcome disease, and think clearly again.

Oxygen From the first breath taken at birth, having enough oxygen is the most vital factor in our lives. Our environment’s ability to produce oxygen is now severely compromised due to the rapid destruction of the oxygen producing rainforests, and the constant polluting of our air and oceans. Our breathing air, and our water, commonly contains oxygen-consuming pollutants that are robbing the good health of every living thing. We clearly don’t get enough daily oxygen inside us. This is dangerous because the vast majority of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other harmful microbes that harm our bodies thrive best in low oxygen conditions. But the good news is that these microbes can’t exist in well-oxygenated bodies! Our bodies constantly use oxygen to oxidize microbes permanently, along with any collected waste and pollution. This means in order to be healthy, our bodies must have plenty of oxygen to engulf the anaerobes, and to eliminate the  pollution, together the ultimate cause of most disease. Using OxyMune™ three times daily promotes a catalytic action that helps the body to steadily generate oxygen out of it's natural internal waters, over a 6-12 hour time period. Each portion of OxyMune taken increasingly helps the body cleanse, so it can store more oxygen in the cells. OxyMune™ is vital for our good health, especially in today’s low-oxygen overly polluted unnatural environments.

Minerals The earth has a variety of minerals naturally present in the ocean and soils, and our food is supposed to deliver them to us. As a result of pollution and present day mineral depleting corporate farming methods, naturally occurring soil minerals that should be in our daily food are critically low, or missing entirely. We’re all eating, but our food no longer has adequate minerals. Grown on long ago played out soils, and rushed unripe to the shelf, it’s pretty, but vacant. Our health and bodily functions directly depend upon getting these absolutely essential minerals daily. OxyMune™ supplies a full range of the missing ionic minerals and trace minerals in super absorbable form.

Enzymes Sadly, in today’s high energy society, people eat unnatural and excessively altered semi-foods. Even healthy food is often eaten in a rush. Over the years digestive problems lead directly to more and more illness. We need lots of supplemental enzymes to completely digest our food so undigested food particles do not enter the bloodstream. When undigested food particles enter the bloodstream, they become a food supply for infectious microbes. OxyMune™ provides our bodies with a blend of essential enzymes needed for thorough digestion.

Aminos The body repairs itself using amino acids to build new protein structures. OxyMune™ delivers a daily boost of essential amino acids, assisting the body with its necessary self-replacement and repair activities.

OxyMune™ is a well-rounded and powerful blending of important nutrients commonly lacking today. Unlike the excessively sized molecules found in pills, OxyMune’s™ tiny Nano-ionic liquid delivery system insures full absorption.

Use OxyMune™ supports body self-detoxification, so be patient. Begin with 1 drop 3 times per day between meals, and increase gradually by 1 drop per day up to 27 drops total per day. At any rare sign of discomfort, cut dosage in half. Once detoxification symptoms cease, resume increasing dosages. Rare temporary minor cleansing reactions like coughing, or cold symptoms such as excretions, or soreness, are possible, and normal, as the body throws off old wastes. Persons with weak lungs, or on bronchial dilators, stay at 3 drops per day for the first month. Gradual increases are possible after that.  Do not take in the evening, as wakefulness can result. Serve OxyMune™ in pure cool liquids.