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The oxygen content of Oxy-Water is 5 to 7 times higher than that of regular bottled water and up to 10 times higher than that of some tap water. The Oxy-Water people do not use only use less than perfect reverse osmosis membranes or mere filters to create their base water, they use steam distillation. Not only does distillation remove everything but the water from the water, but it removes any vibrational "memories" as well. I often discuss water as possessing the proven quality of "memory." Filters and reverse osmosis membranes cannot erase the structural memories that the Japanese scientists are photographing in water crystals, but distillation can blank water back to it's pure unrecorded and unadulterated state.

Why Distilled Water? From the Oxy Water web site: "The distillation process removes every kind of bacteria, virus, parasite, pathogen, pesticide, herbicide, heavy metal, and inorganic material, and prepares water to accept and retain the maximum amount of oxygen possible. When ingested, water attracts and dissolves toxins and inorganic mineral deposits stored in our joints, organs, arteries, and nerve tracts, pulling them into our blood to be carried to our excretory organs for discharge. Distilled water is an excellent natural solvent. You should know that the human body cannot absorb inorganic materials available in plain tap or spring water: These minerals need to be converted first to an organic state for human assimilation. This is achieved only after they pass through plants, not water. Simply put, we need the purest water possible to carry what the body's cells need plenty of...Oxygen.

A recent study concluded each hemoglobin molecule in the blood requires 40 molecules of water to transport efficiently one molecule of oxygen to the cells. An inadequate amount of water can cause the hemoglobin molecule to actually repel oxygen. [And 80% of all Americans are estimated to be clinically dehydrated.] Pure (distilled) water "wets" the hemoglobin molecules, allowing them to more effectively pick up and transport oxygen throughout the body. The tiredness many people feel after eating is a result of oxygen being consumed during the digestive process, which diminishes the oxygen available to the rest of the body. "It seems as though some questions have arisen regarding the ability of the human body to absorb oxygen in water. The oxygen in the OXY-WATER is absorbed instantly through the mucosa of the mouth just as homeopathic remedies and nutrients are. Actually, the moment the water touches the inside of the mouth (especially under the tongue), the transference of information present in any substance begins to absorb. I recommend anyone who wants better health to drink OXY-WATER." Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., N.D. Sports Oxygen is critical for muscle function. Proper oxygenation allows the body to produce and supply ATP to the muscles, giving them strength and elasticity. A lack of oxygen (hypoxia) causes the body to produce an oxygen-deficient form of ATP called lactic acid. This reduces the efficiency of the muscles and can lead to cramps, pulls, strains, etc. Unfortunately the popular heavily advertised energy drinks contain ingredients that trigger the digestive juices, causing oxygen to be transferred to the digestive tract to enable digestion. This reduces the amount of oxygen available to the rest of the body, especially the brain and muscles. Other ingredients in energy drinks, such as sugars, cause a short-lived energy burst. The "crash" which occurs after that initial surge can leave an athlete with less energy than if they had not had the drink in the first place. Couple that with oxygen loss due to digestive processing and it is understandable why most serious athletes choose pure oxygenated water. Pure (distilled) water requires no digestion. The distilled water used in Oxy-WaterTM is the absolute purest available and is completely compatible with the hydration demands of the body. The oxygen in Oxy-WaterTM is quickly absorbed into the body from the instant it comes in contact with your mouth tissue, and continues throughout the digestive tract."

The Oxy Water Process
The Oxy Water people start with filtration and ozonation, and then add distillation, and then refrigeration and high pressure oxygen saturation to build their water. These methods are not used by most oxygenated water bottlers because they are more costly, but the Oxy water people feel there is no substitute for quality. They then go even further and use a few more proprietary methods with their oxygenated water building process in order to help keep the oxygen content high in their bottled water. Unlike the products from some other companies, all you get with Oxy Water is water and oxygen. Here is the summation of a study of Oxy-Water presented to The American College of Sports Medicine in June of 2001. Abstract #945 Effects of Oxygenized Water on Percent Oxygen Saturation and Performance During Exercise. A Jenkins, M. Moreland, T.B. Waddell, B. Fernhall, FACSM. The George Washington University, Washington, DC. "Individuals who are highly trained may benefit from the use of oxygenized water to increase percent oxygen saturation during acute bouts of intense exercise and possibly prolong time to fatigue. Even small increases in oxygen saturation may be significant in highly trained individuals and elite performers."

Oxy-Water FAQ From the manufacturer
"Isn't there already oxygen in water?
Yes, but.Oxy-Water has been able to develop a proprietary method of infusing oxygen into water without causing a molecular change. We can cause this physical change in the water without the addition of any chemicals.

How can you prove that the molecular compound of H2O can hold a gas?
The presence of this oxygen has been supported by an independent laboratory that, prior to testing Oxy-Water, did not believe that oxygen could be trapped in water. The oxygen found in Oxy-Water is the same oxygen that you receive from medical personnel in the event of illness. We use NO chemicals to create an alleged oxygen increase.

How can H2O be physically altered to hold more oxygen?
What some "experts" have the tendency to over look (many times to their embarrassment) is that between the H2O molecules there are voids that can be filled with other microscopic substances. With the proper equipment and strictly controlled process, it is possible to remove the "stuff" between the molecules and replace it with oxygen gas. Using a special technique, Oxy-Water is then able to trap that gas between the molecules so that it will be immediately bio-available to the body. This process has been called "oxygenized" to differentiate it from "oxygenated" or "super oxygenated".

How difficult is it to put oxygen into the water?
It is NOT difficult to put oxygen into water. The difficulty is to keep the oxygen in the water so that is available to those who consume it. Oxy-Water's method of increasing oxygen in water has been found to be one of the most stable methods, which can be used. This guarantees the consumer a beneficial oxygen supplement at consumption. Some companies claim high oxygen content at the point of bottling, but are unable to maintain it for any appreciable length of time. Oxy-Water has tested its product after being bottled for 16 months and found it to still contain over 3 times more oxygen than normal bottled water.

Do you have independent analysis that confirms the presence of extra oxygen?
Yes, the Atomic Absorption Laboratory tested Oxy-Water and found the oxygen content at 34 ppm, over two weeks after the bottling date. They were so surprised that in a letter to us they said, "We didn't think it was possible to increase the dissolved oxygen in water but, you proved us wrong". Since then we have improved our technology and are carrying 40 to 45 ppm of oxygen.
>How long will the oxygen say in the bottle?
We have tested no production water that contains more the 20 to 25 ppm of oxygen after several weeks in the bottle, in spite of their claims. The excuse that their oxygen can not be measured should be looked on with great skepticism."